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SESI Membership

SESI Membership

Membership regulations

  • The society shall prepare its own rules of eligibility regarding membership as laid down and adopted from time to time by the Governing Council.
  • The membership shall be conferred after prior application to and subsequent approval by the Governing Council.
  • The decision of the Governing Council shall be final and unquestionable.
  • Membership is open to individuals or organizations who are approved by the Governing Council.
  • Any adult / Orthopedic Surgeon or allied medical personnel with interest in arthroscopy, Shoulder & Elbow surgery, whose interests are aligned with the objective of the society and has given an application for membership to the President/Secretary shall be eligible to become a member, upon paying the requisite membership fees. Such a person would get the right to vote at the General Body Meetings of the Society.
  •  Who has accepted in writing the Rules and Regulations of this Society.
1. Life Members:-

Any person eligible to be a member may be enlisted as a life member on payment of the prescribed one-time subscription of Rs. 5000/- (Rs. Five Thousand only).

2. Associate Members:-

The medical personnel not eligible for the above categories of membership but interested in shoulder surgery may be enlisted as Associate Members. Therapists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Sports trainers & Research members & Radiologists may be included in this category on payment of the subscription of Rs. 3000/- (Rs. Three Thousand only) per year. Associate members will have no voting rights.

3. Honorary Members:-

Honorary membership may be conferred upon outstanding individuals who have taken deep interest and promoted the growth and dissemination of the knowledge of Shoulder and Elbow surgery in India. Honorary members will have no voting rights.

4. Overseas Members:-

Those members residing outside India, Foreign passport holders with the primary interest in Shoulder & Elbow surgery may be listed as overseas members on payment of $200 or its equivalent amount. They will benefit from the exchange of knowledge & also avail discounted registration at the Annual Congress. Overseas members will have no voting rights or executive positions.

  •  Only members other than Associate, Honorary & overseas members shall have the right to vote at the annual or special general body meeting of the society.
  •  All categories of members shall the have right to participate in the meetings.
  • All members shall have right to attend scientific activities of the Society.
  • The Governing Council shall have the power to suspend, and/or remove a member if he/she is found acting prejudicially to the interest, prestige, and working of the Society. However, sufficient opportunity shall be given to him/her to submit his/her explanation. If such explanation is not found satisfactory to the Governing Council then membership of such person can be suspended/terminated, and/or name of such person can be removed from membership register maintained by the Society.
  •  Resigns his/her membership in writing, and his/her resignation is so accepted by the Governing Council.
  • If a member dies or becomes medically unfit
  • If a member is convicted of an offense involving moral turpitude.
  • If an Associate member is in arrears of Society dues for more than 1 (one) year in spite of notice of reminder such person ceases to remain as a member.
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