Dear Colleagues!

Welcome to the Shoulder and Elbow Society of India!

First of all, I’d like to thank all of those who supported and voted for me.

Considering the nature of our sub-specialization, ours is a budding society and needs a lot of nourishment and support to grow. My goal is to see the SESI reach its pinnacle and be on par with the standard set by international councils. Our first step is to update the existing member details to create a membership directory. We encourage orthopedic surgeons with a keen interest in practicing and promoting shoulder and elbow surgery to join us. Soon, we will have a national membership forum to which all our communications and updates will be posted.

Our prime motto is an education! This will encompass CME updates for senior surgeons, instructional courses, basic courses on shoulder arthroscopy, arthroplasty and trauma, cadaver and simulation workshops. We request members to inform us about the courses they are organizing. We will be happy to post details about them on our website and newsletter. Please feel free to contact us for any guidance in this regard.

We plan to develop a national traveling shoulder fellowship program for the aspiring young orthopedic surgeons with a keen interest in clinical research and pursuing a career in shoulder and elbow surgery.

One of my main objectives is to create a National Joint Registry on Shoulder and Elbow Replacements in India. The benefits of such a registry are numerous. We know the current trends in joint replacement: the indications, the implants used, the outcome, the complications and the long-term result. With the advent of the registry, we can put figures to these trends and weave facts out of the patterns. We can recognize complications early on to operate safely in the future. We can evaluate the performance of the prostheses we use and make sure that our patients get the best joint replacement possible. We will also have undeniable data to explain to our patients and to present to the world. We will let you know the way to input your data and roll out the information as soon as possible.

Looking forward to a fulfilling 2 years ahead,

Dr. Ram Chidambaram
Shoulder and Elbow Society of India