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In 2011, a group of like-minded Orthopaedicians got into a cerebral huddle. Dr. David Rajan and Dr. Anant Joshi were the main patron’s catalysts to set the ball rolling. As the founder president of the Shoulder & Elbow Society, Ashish Babhulkar took responsibility and a structured executive committee was nominated with Mahesh Reddy as Secretary and Shashank Misra, Parag Shah, Abheek Kar, Raghuveer Reddy as national nominees. Shirish Pathak was nominated as the treasurer and continues to maintain the accounts. Deepak Bhatia (current secretary) was nominated as the academic secretary. The Shoulder and Elbow society was finally registered with the Charity Commissioner on 7th Dec 2012.

The first Biennial meet of the Shoulder & Elbow Society was held at Kolkata in 2012. This was followed by the second annual meeting at Pune in 2013, and the third meeting at Delhi in Jan 2015.

The Shoulder & Elbow Society is dedicated to the dissemination of evidence-based treatment strategies in shoulder and elbow disorders. It is a firm conviction and belief of the founder members, that the growth in Shoulder & Elbow surgery, will move at great speed and once it achieves escape velocity, there will be no boundaries for this youngest and most dynamic society in India.



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