Benefit of SESI membership

  • Access to various traveling fellowship and observership across various centers of India#

  • Access to the white paper section of SESI website wherein there will be the quarterly update on common and critical problems by shoulder surgeons across India and abroad

  • Discounted registration at SESI national biennial conference the for members

*: Regarding the access to the JSES, the new SESI member has to understand that the subscription fee is deposited with the prestigious journal once a year. After that, there cannot be any inclusion of any new subscriber for one year. So, the new member will get access to the journal only once the new subscription is applied for. However, if a new member wants any article from JSES, he/she can request from the secretariat which would be mailed to him strictly for his personal and academic use. Any commercial usage or uploading of the article without the permission of journal would be illegal and the person would be responsible for the action. The SESI as a society would not be responsible for the same.
#: The various traveling fellowships and observership would be available only for SESI members after a proper scrutiny by the SESI academic committee.